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Why STEM Institution?

Choosing a centre that suits your child is important.

Here's what we believe in and what we offer.

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A child's mastery of STEM disciplines at a young age brings about desired effects directly connected to success in the education pathway, the country’s economic growth and development, national security, and global competitiveness. 

Children need to be inspired to take up STEM courses and ultimately be motivated to create something others can use.


Prepare your children to live in a world that is constantly reinventing itself!


Ever since Jessica started taking coding lessons at STEM Institution, she has gained considerable confidence in other of her school subjects too. She was able to speak up more and express her thoughts in a more organized manner. In addition, the comprehensive notes weekly also helped her to grasp difficult concepts more easily

What People Say:


I am impressed by the commitment of James' teachers at STEM Institution, who show genuine concern for him by contacting me regularly to update on his progress.

We love attending classes at STEM institution because the class size is small and notes is also provided after class for us to revise. The teachers are also very supportive of us to join various competitions.